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Because of your resilience, letters, signs, and showing up to the township meeting, the Fulton Township Trustees voted DOWN the wind turbines at the 4/20/2022 special township board meeting.

Two of the main reasons cited were because the turbines are in direct conflict with the township charter and the noise levels needed to be measured better, not based off average amounts to meet the requirements.

The trustees did a wonderful job listening to the needs of the community and we appreciate their keen interest and research leading up to the vote. They also mentioned everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the town hall meetings more regularly. (3rd Monday of each month at 7pm)

The community coming together was an endearing moment. It felt like something you would read in a feel-good novel.  It was heart-warming to watch friends and neighbors work together to fight for our township's best interest. You all rose to the occasion and protected the things we value the most; tranquility, wildlife, family, friends. Because of you, there is no question Fulton Township is an excellent place to live.  




 A quick buck for only 24 people                                     Causes...           
A Lifetime of Problems for 2,000+ of us!

  • Direct Conflict with Fulton Township Master Plan

  • Unsightly Towering Giant 50 Story structures looming over our homes WAY TOO CLOSE!

  • Decreases Home Value

  • Causes Difficulty to Sell Home

  • Noise Pollution

  • Visual Pollution Flickering/Strobing Light from Blades

  • Cause Health Issues

  • Kills Thousands of Birds

  • Disrupts Deer/Hunting

  • Disrupts Wildlife

  • Kills Protected Bald Eagles

  • Destroys our beautiful, quiet country homes.

Don't let this be you!


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Hard to Sell Home
Hard to Sell Home

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Disrupted Wildlife
Disrupted Wildlife

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Wait!!! It's HOW BIG?!?

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